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North Carolina pioneered a successful, community-based, public managed behavioral health care system that puts people first and delivers the right services, in the right amount, at the right time. And, our future depends on care that starts at the local level. Why? Because North Carolina is only as strong as the well-being of its citizens. Our community-based approach to care helps ensure North Carolinians receive the high quality, behavioral and I/DD health care they deserve and require to live life to the fullest.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians receive the critical care they need through our state’s public behavioral health system.  The stories that follow are just a few examples of the empowerment, independence, motivation, determination, inspiration, and hope of those served that strengthen communities across the state.


You won’t find a “one-size fits all” theme or plot in any of these stories. Rather, each one exemplifies how well North Carolina’s high-quality behavioral and I/DD whole-person care system really works to create strong, united communities. Allowing people, families and providers the chance to accomplish their dreams and goals, creating strong and vibrant communities.


Joshua Discovers Life on His Own

Thanks to the Alliance Apartment, an innovative Remote Monitored Home, Joshua was able to see what actually living on his own would be like. Access to 24-hour supervision through sensors, phones and intercoms gave Joshua the freedom to see if he was ready for this next big step in his life. A unique approach that ultimately led to Joshua’s newfound independence.

Providing Shelter From The Storm

Hurricane Florence came ashore in late 2018 and left a path of destruction eastern North Carolina had not seen in decades. Flooding and road destruction meant shelters were at capacity, many filled with residents who need critical care and services. Over $800,000 was spent in just one area to accommodate and arrange for shelter visits, to help families relocate, to refurbish apartments for those in recovery and to fix damaged facilities.

Iliana Finds Her Voice

Iliana has always had the system on her side, whether at home or at school. And it’s primarily due to the providers and services to which she currently has access. From speech therapy classes to one-on-one sessions with her care coordinator, Iliana is constantly surprising the ones in her life with what she knows, and her daily lessons of compassion and love are lessons her caregivers will never forget.

Isaiah Draws the World We All Want to Live In

Now in college, Isaiah is proof that, regardless of a developmental disability, the right support system, care and programs can help a person not only meet goals set for them by their caretakers — but exceed them with flying colors. An art student with innate talent and a true passion for drawing, Isaiah’s works of art are a stunning testament to how the right support and care can result in personal growth and the evolution of a man living his best life.

Our First Four-Legged Graduate

Meet Rocky, Hoke County’s K-9 officer. He was the first four-legged graduate of the Moore County Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training program for first responders, gaining his honor in August of 2018. Along with his handler Sheriff Deputy Mark Davies, Rocky was just one of many graduates that include city police officers, county Sheriff Deputies, NC Department of Public Safety Probation and Parole Officers, Telecommunicators, Campus Police Officers, Paramedics and Military Police, all focused on caring for those with behavioral health needs in the right way.







Each month the public behavioral health managed care system serves approximately 132,400 of the State’s Medicaid recipients. Medicaid behavioral health services — for mental health (MH), intellectual/development disabilities (I/DD) and substance use disorders (SUD) — are delivered through seven regional LME/MCOs (Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organizations) and an extensive provider network.






Approximately 36,000 North Carolinians not on Medicaid are served each month by the public behavioral health managed care system. For residents who are not on Medicaid but are underinsured, uninsured or indigent, the system uses state, local and federal funds, primarily in the form of single-stream funding, to coordinate and provide MH, I/DD and SUD services.






Continuity of care and stability for the individuals and families served by the public system is contingent upon appropriate levels of state funding. To safeguard these services and the well-being of our communities, we must ensure adequate funding.

Together, we can help ensure continued stability and continuity of care for North Carolinians and the well-being of our communities.

#CareForNC is a joint effort of the Partnership for Community Well-Being, a new a partnership of the state’s seven LME/MCOs and two large provider groups that provide high-quality behavioral and I/DD care to North Carolinians in all 100 counties. We coordinate care across multiple systems for the benefit of the people and communities we serve. Most importantly, we are advocates for the families and communities we serve. #CareForNC aims to raise awareness for the countless people whose lives have been changed and communities that have been strengthened by the services provided by the system. Together, we can help ensure continued stability and continuity of care for North Carolinians and the well-being of our communities.

The partnership includes: Alliance HealthBenchmarksCardinal Innovations Healthcare, EastpointeNC Provider’s CouncilPartners Behavioral Health ManagementSandhills CenterTrillium Health Resources, and Vaya Health.